Friday, June 1, 2007

it's a sweater!

the sideways baby sweater is finished. and, yes, i wove in the ends AND cut them off too! that is something else i am bad about. sometimes, i will weave in the ends but will not clip off the remaining yarn. i don't know why. i just don't.

i think there is a problem with the pattern which says you can knit a 6 months size sweater AND a hat AND a pair of socks from one skein of opal yarn. i did start off with the 9 months size but thought better of it and switched to the smaller one thinking a matching pair of socks would be nice. i barely had enough yarn to finish this sweater. the collar is smaller than the pattern but i wanted a smaller collar anyway.

opal yarn mexico colorway#17
gauge 7 sts/inch; 3.0 mm needles
used every last inch of skein

here is a close-up of the collar. see the cute little buttons i found!? i assaulted several people in the fabric store because i couldn't decide which of 3 buttons looked the best. everyone picked these. i think they are perfect.

i am working on a couple of new socks. one is driving me nuts. i cannot find a pattern that works with the yarn. i have frogged at least 5 sock knit all the way past the gusset decreases before i finally gave it up. yes, i am stubborn. the yarn is holding up well to frogging!


Violiknit said...

Very cute! I really love those buttons! Thanks for reminding me that I can use my sock yarn for baby sweaters!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sweater, but I checked the instructions and they do say that the smaller size (3 months) will take 1 skein Opal Brazil [or color of choice], and the two larger sizes (6 and 9 months) will take 2 skeins. At least you had enough to finish, and it's lovely.