Wednesday, June 20, 2007

meet "sophia" and "larry the llama"

this is "sophia," my new sock blocker key chain that i won in a blogiversary drawing over at violiknit. i named it after violiknit. unfortunately, she (the sock blocker not violiknit) is still nekked. i am hoping that she will be a well-dressed key chain one of these days. it's not like i don't have the materials to make her "too cute."

i won "larry the llama" here from a blogiversary contest at procrastiknitter. i also got this skein of opal elemente #1074. pretty, huh? one of these days, maybe "sophia" will be dressed with some "larry the llama" yarn. the usps is really unpredictable. can you believe that hope mailed this first class from ny on june 18th and i received it today? 2 days! now if they can figure out a way to get my bluemoon fiberarts order here from oregon using priority mail in less than 5 days! i can drive there and be back home faster than that!

thank you, sophia and hope for my prizes! it's so fun to receive mail.

1 comment:

Violiknit said...

Yeay! I'm so glad you like your new keychain! You should definitely set up "sophia" with "larry the llama" :)