Wednesday, June 27, 2007

sos! for summer of socks 2007!

yes, i joined and here is the beginning of my first summer knitting sock. i am obsessed with knitting a sideways sock. i tried the opal yarn pattern in january and gave up on that one. now nona has designed another version, sidewinders: a perpensockular pattern, which she presents serially on her blog. so i am trying again. this is like my third attempt with this pattern. there is nothing wrong with the pattern. i, of course, am having a problem following directions...the first being to do a proper swatch for gauge. i think i might have a chance this time. wish me luck, otherwise this summer may be the "summer of no socks!"

opal yarn limited edition "butterfly"
2.75mm needles-NEW circulars (YES!)
gauge: 7.5 sts/inch and 10 rows/inch (hopefully! with fingers crossed)

anyone want to join me in knitting the sidewinders?!

and to answer rachel's question: "road to hana" is a sock i designed for theknitter's sotm club. i have a picture of it on my 3/20 blog entry if you want to take a look. judy usually has extra kits so you can contact her if you are interested. it's the march 2007 kit.


Karen said...

I joined SOS too. I have to admit I have no desire to knit socks sideways. But I wish you luck in your latest attempt.

April said...

I'm really interested to see how these turn out. I've never seen a sideways-knitted sock before. Or, if I did, I didn't know it at the time!

Rachel said...

Thanks for the tip about the Road to Hana socks! I'll have to try those! Good luck on your sideways sock, too.

Violiknit said...

I'm curious about the sideways sock, but the possiblity of seaming or grafting the length of the sock is scaring me off... I'm sure yours will be stunning; can't wait to see them!

BarbaraME said...

Congratulations, Adrienne - that's wonderful about county fair. The Road to Hana sock I think is my favorite sock pattern ever - I've made it at least three times. It really lends itself to self-striping socks.

Good luck on your Sideways socks - I'll be interested to see your progress as they seem a bit daunting.

Take care!