Thursday, July 26, 2007

another contest!

no, not mine. head on over to ridiculous obsession. she is celebrating a blogiversary and a birthday by giving away fiber-y goodness. go wish her some happiness. of course, if you win (and i don't), you have to send your winnings to me! it's only fair.

sos (silly ol' swatches): well, i have decided on a pattern for the design contest for "summer of socks." i "swatch" by knitting the sock and so far, i have tried 3 different yarns for this pattern. yes, big "swatches"! i think i have finally settled on wollmeise in am kalten polar (which i received in a swap). it is truly wonderful yarn. the colors are swirling very nicely and i am getting great stitch definition! ya-HOOO!!! i may need to get me more of this stuff!

and to holly: i used regia #5047 (papagei) for my original "betsy" swatch. i liked what the pattern did to the colors but thought it was kinda BRIGHT! i still plan on knitting this one again in more sedate stripes. let me know if you do finish a pair with papagei. i would be interested in seeing it!


holly said...

oh, thank you for answering me! I'm going to go looking for that--I loved the way it knitted up, and I'm not too fond of "brights" but I thought it looked lovely!

Jen said...

I just started a swatch with the Wollmeise and couldn't agree more with the stitch definition. My stitches look perfect! It's like magic yarn. :)