Monday, July 9, 2007

sos for "start (an)other sock"!

i have knit 3 pairs of "peony" in one yarn or another and do not have a pair to my name. can you believe it?

peony is a sock i designed for swtc many years ago. my first "published" pattern. it began life knit with "bella" which was considered fingering wt but being single ply knitted up much thicker. i don't think this version was ever released.

next, i rewrote the pattern for their dk merino, "optimum". i really liked this yarn. it was soooo soft. the pattern stitch showed up very nicely in the solid colors.

now, the sock has been reworked once again, this time in a real sock weight yarn, "tofutsies". i think the pattern is already available but don't quote me on that.

i have decided that i need a pair of "peonies" for ME! i am using "tofutsies" #733 and my new knitpicks size 1 (2.25mm) circulars. i actually like the "tofutsies" knit on a smaller gauge than i used for the pattern so am knitting the large size which is working out to a medium with the smaller gauge. i think i like this...
the problem with designing things is that quite often, you have to give your final product to the company that is purchasing your design. all that knitting with nothing to show for it, so to speak. so i have decided that i will use the "summer of socks" to reknit those patterns for which i have no socks. it'll be fun. two of the pairs are for blue moon fiberarts -one in str lt weight and the other in "seduction" (i love that yarn!).

and to nancy g: thank you for the hint to knit the larger sidewinders with a smaller gauge. i will probably try that if i ever venture into the world of sideways socks again. i saw your socks and they are cute. maybe some day. who knows, i may try again before the summer is over! (someone shoot me!)


Nancy G. said...

Hi Adrienne,
Your pattern looks great, and you surely do need to make yourself your very own pair!

As for the smaller gauge, I prefer it for all my socks. That means I may be knitting more stitches, but I really like the feel of the fabric. Sometimes it means a pattern may need to be tweeked to get the sizing just right. There are certain favorite patterns that I have knitted over and over for various people, and those have the sizing well worked out.

Have fun knitting your "old" pattern!

Rachel said...

Isn't it fun to re-knit old patterns? Especially if it's one you love! I like yours a lot!

Violiknit said...

Nice peonies! It's great you're knitting a pair for yourself!