Tuesday, July 10, 2007

mystery stole 3

i joined mystery stole 3 in its early stages but had not started because i procrastinated over getting the beads and i wanted beads. i already had some black zephyr in stash. lucky for me there is a bead store in the bellybutton so i managed to wander down there yesterday to buy some shiny black beads. i liked the metallic jewel-tone beads so bought a package of them too but had a hard time fitting my size 12 crochet hook through the holes. for some reason, the beads & holes are a bit smaller than the black beads. so the black beads win! i figure knitting will be hard enough without having to fight with the beads too.

mystery stole 3 - clue 1
jaggerspun zephyr in black with black #8 beads
us 4 vintage all plastic circular

the only other mystery thing that i have ever finished was the mystery shawl 2...one of my first ventures into lace shawls. i learned to knit from a chart. pretty spiffy. lace is still a wonder to me.

now to put in a lifeline...i am not THAT fool-hardy yet!


danielle said...

yum....cant wait to see the finished project...looks beautiful so far!

Rachel said...

That looks cool! Can't wait to see more!

Violiknit said...

Really pretty! I love it with those black beads!

N. Maria said...

It's beautiful!