Tuesday, February 12, 2008

another contest

so many contests, so many chances to win MORE yarn! yippee!

go visit nancy. she is celebrating 300 posts! that seems like a lot to me. she has many ways to get brownie point entries. one is linking to her blog. and the other is to tell her that i sent cha over. deadline for entering is saturday, feb 22nd, 12 midnite est. wow! that's 10 more days.


laura said...

there's another YEARly contest on my CPYsocks&more blog. This is for using crystal palace yarns and knitting in the colour of the month. There are free yarn prizes from Crystal Palace, as well as knitting books and mags from my own stash [Feb is "Knit Kimono" by Vicki Square].
so far, Pink is for february, and Adrienne has in entry #4! then aqua or green for march; blues for april showers, lilac or yellow for may blooms, white for june brides... and that's as far ahead as we'll tell you now!
should be a finished item, but one sock of a pair counts - and you could send me progress pics if you want too! love to see those!
blessings, :L, laura

Tonya said...

Congrats - you won my contest! Email me your address (tonyawagner@theshizknit.com) and I'll get your prize package in the mail.

Becky said...

Hi Adrienne!
I think I remember it was my signature, "Knitting in the wristband of Michigan's mitten," probably at the old Whatever sock group, that inspired you to choose "The bellybutton of California" as your sig line! It's good to find your blog and see that you're still knitting away.
Congratulations on having your pattern used by the rockin' socks club!
Still knitting in the wristband of the mitten. :)