Monday, February 4, 2008

we can both be winners!

go on over to the shizknit who is having an unusual contest to celebrate her upcoming post #100. you just need to leave her a comment that i sent you over and if she draws your comment, we both win a yarny prize. what could be easier than that?

i am almost finished with my ms3-swan lake (tortoise version). i am down to the last 12 rows or so. YIPPEE!!!!! then i can ponder which mystery kal shawl/stole i want to start next. i am soooooooo behind; but i can only concentrate on one big lace project at a time.

socks are another matter! and no, i don't know how many pairs i have going. i do have a LOT of needles!


BarbaraME said...

Should you be changing your name to the yarn harlot?! Oh wait - that name's taken.

So here's hoping we'll win *grin*.

Oh - your pattern is now #3 in Ravelry - way to go!

BarbaraME said...

Hey Adrienne - your pattern is now #2 in Ravelry - woo hoo!