Tuesday, February 26, 2008

my adventures at stitches west

i was a really good girl this year and did not buy very much. this may have been due to the fact that i was just getting over my second bad cold/flu for this winter. yes, it has been a very lousy winter. i wanted to buy some lace weight yarn but nothing really struck my fancy. and on hindsight, there were some indie dyed sock yarns i should have bought but didn't. i guess i really wasn't in the right frame of mind for stitches (and the weather was cold and rainy; totally yech!).

the ravelry passport was entertaining. jess and casey (gee, i thought he would be bigger- GRIN) are the cutest couple. wish i had thought to have them autograph my passport.

the fun part was hooking up with some on-line friends. it's nice to have faces match names. i enjoyed meeting the sockateers over at bluemoonfiberarts. i think i know how tina gets all those kits ready for mailing. those women have the endless energy of 5 year olds!!!!!! it's amazing!

nartian showing irishgirlie
how to "french" her scarf a la tapmouse's blog entry

tapmouse working on "serendipity"
and me working on the world's longest sock a la rockin' sock club style

(gads, i look like something the cat dragged in. please excuse me - it was rainy and cold and my hair "don't do rain". besides, my hubby made me get up at 5 am to ride down to the south bay with him. i am lucky that i still look awake!)

i did finish a pair of socks. are you wearing your sunglasses?

isn't a pair defined as "TWO" socks?!
on the left is "serendipity" (which i had to tweak. pathetic, huh? tweaking your own sock pattern...one that hundreds have knit just as it was written.) and on the right is a new pattern (yet to be written up) for crystal palace yarn in panda silk (my toes really aren't as funny looking as the picture shows).

the sun is out and it is a beautiful day in the bellybutton of california. excuse me while i go get a tan!


Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a good time. Nice "pair" of socks, too!
I thought you'd want to know that I've made a pair of sock from the TOFUtsies I won in a contest you ran in the summer of last year. Thank you again!

Miss T said...

Love that pink sock!

Mary T. said...

I have my Serendipity socks on for their maiden voyage out into the world this morning. I love them and the pattern was great. Thanks for sharing your talents!

marcy said...

All i know is that i am jealous oyf you west coast girls!!! sounds like fun to mett all of your friends for the first time!! thanks for the pictures!

BarbaraME said...

Oh I'm SO jealous! it sounds like it was a wonderful time. I don't think Stitches East is anywhere near me (then again, NOTHING is anywhere near me!). And very nice to put a face with your name. As president of your fan club, it's about time *grin*.

IrishgirlieKnits said...

That pink sock looks gorgeous Adrienne! Great job! And I saw the panda silk at my LYS....so soft!

It was great to meet you too! And I finally did figure out how to tie my scarf!

tapmouse said...

Yet another lovely sock pattern I will be waiting for! Awesome socks, Adrienne! And I had so much fun with you on Friday, too! But I did notice you were very good (as opposed to me) with your yarn purchases! OK, let's just say I was out of control!-lol!

That's my middle name said...

ddmdworbYou won the Kauni yarn over at my blog - go check it out to find out how to contact me so I can get it to you! Congratulations!