Friday, February 8, 2008

happy chinese new year!

gung hay fat choy!

happy year of the rat!

took this picture of the lion heads in sf chinatown this summer
when my hubby and i decided to play tourists.

chinese consider RED a lucky color. so i proclaim RED to be the color of the month because i recently won two blog contests and guess what i won! YARN!!!!!!!

i received two balls of magic garden buttons in RED from gloria who lives in canada (i am so sorry but i didn't keep her blog addy...i am so embarrassed). we had to guess a number between 1 and 500. she was all excited about having 184 posts under her belt. so, what's a person to do? guess "184." she was going to give away 3 prizes. my guess came in just under the wire and she had 4 people guess her number of "184!" she generously gifted all of us with a prize. oh, what will these grow up to be?!

then monica who "knits a lot" had another contest where we had to guess how many pairs of socks she had in "ONE" of her sock drawers.
i reread her blog entry later and yes, it did read "ONE" of her sock
drawers which would imply that she has more than "ONE" drawer. i guessed "48 pairs of socks" and .....I WON this lovely skein of cherry tree hills supersock in RED, purple, and dark blue or black. love the colors. can you imagine 48 pairs of socks? that's a whole lotta socks and that's not all she has.

thank you, gloria and monica for your generous prizes.

my wayward "zen garden" has been frogged and reknit to the gusset. it is being timed out for now. i am having so much more fun with my new panda silk sock. i think i want to start my "serendipity" socks in honor of chinese new year. it is a fast knit. there are lots of people who had already finished their pair before the kit even arrived in the uk. unbelievable!

and i should just finish my swan lake (ms3). i think i only have less than 20 rows to go on it.


Knitting Mama said...

That's some nice yarn you won! Congrats!!

Shea said...

What goes around, comes around. First I had a blog contest, then entered yours and won. Now you have a contest and then win two more. Congratulations! That's so cool!

Knitting Linguist said...

Congratulations! Those are some gorgeous yarns :)

Shea said...

Hi Adrienne! You've been tagged. See my blog for details! :)