Monday, February 11, 2008

is it "startitis" or finishitis"?

i have a bad case of one of those things, for sure. i think it must be "finishitis" because i have no problems starting things. right now, i have on my needles (which i am actively knitting on; ie., not my projects that are hidden away where i don't see them so i can pretend that they don't exists):
  1. mate to "zen garden" which had been frogged and needed to be reknit per observations in a previous post. (this may just be a case of "bad sock" time out until i finish the other projects listed below.)
  2. i just need to knit the toe to the first of my panda silk socks. then i need to write up the pattern. this is a new design for crystal palace yarn. (i am loving the yarn; so why didn't i knit the toe last night instead of winding "dragon dance" (rockin' sock club kit yarn) into a ball?)
  3. i am still where i was with "swan lake"...almost done. i could probably finish off the rest of the shawl in a day (if i were to pick it up to work on).
i have 3 things on the needles that could easily be finished up in the next two weeks. so why did i start on "serendipity"? i admit that i have been delaying the start of these socks, partly because i was scared that I would not be able to knit the socks so they look like the pattern. how embarrassing would that be?! but i thought it would be fun to wear these at stitches next week; although, i really doubt that i will finish them. for some reason, my family think that eating and wearing clean clothes are a necessary part of life. but start them, i did. and my striping is working out so far. thank goodness.

so, do i have "startitis" because i keep starting new projects or do i have "finishitis" because i am not finishing the projects i HAVE started? help me. i think i have a problem.

so, what's your problem?

ps. i see you guys lurking out there....


BarbaraME said...

Oh I love starting new patterns - it's new, it's fresh... I'm happy to say I finished a couple of pairs of socks this weekend. I finished Tea Time - what a fun, fast knit that was. I also finished a pair of Jaywalkers. They're a pretty mindless knit so thanks to DS1's play... I'm just turning the foot on sock #2 of Kilauea - I'm cranking.

I did however start this month's SOTM club offering - does that cancel the other out?!

debi's place said...

Starting is always fun. There is excitement in what can be.

I have a bunch going on right now. 3 pair of socks on the needles that is a lot for me. Forgot 4 pair.

I am test knitting a baby vest 1/2 done with that.

I hope to experience FON..finished off needles very soon.

Have fun at stitches....

Knitting Linguist said...

You've got to knit serendipity! I finished mine last night and wore them to work today. I was happy all day because of it. I may wash them tonight and wear them again tomorrow :)

Linda said...

Startitis! I just started Serendipity even though I have four other socks on needles as well as a few other UFO's. I am loving your Serendipity pattern. It's a fun knit and really shows off the colorway. I won't have them done for Stitches though. I'm taking the train from Sacramento on Saturday. I can't wait!