Wednesday, February 6, 2008

too much excitement

...dulls my counting ability.

here is my "completed" pair of "zen garden" for which barbara so kindly sent me her left-overs so i could lengthen the toe.

"zen garden"
my design for luxury sock kit (november 2007)

claudia hand painted yarn in exclusive colorway "zen garden"
us 1.5 needles (2.5mm)
gauge: 8.5 sts/inch

i have a BIG problem. i was wondering why one leg seemed shorter than the other when i tried blocking them. i thought perhaps that i had knit the mate tighter than the first. i was also wondering why the foot seemed a bit longer too. after all, i counted the number of repeats and they are the same on both socks.

well.......i just took a better look at the socks. the second sock is short half of a pattern repeat on the leg, thus making the foot a half of a pattern repeat too long! dOOh!!!!!!!!!! honest, i counted at least 3 times before starting the heel.

if anyone wants to talk to me, i'll be sittin' over by THAT frog pond over there > > >

ps. working on a new pattern for crystal palace yarn using panda silk...oh, so soft. great stitch definition too. i guess i'd better go play with the frogs.


Bea said...

Well they are cute even if they are messed up.

Anonymous said...

They look great!!!

New Jersey Laura said...

they look beautiful! If you hate to frog as much as I do, and you know someone in each size, you could also make another pair with the same mistake and have four gorgeous, gorgeous socks. BTW, I'm a club member - thank you for the pattern!

adrienne said...


unfortunately, since this was a specially dyed colorway, there is no more available. as it was, i had to get left-overs to make the socks fit me.

thanks for the suggestion!

Anonymous said...

Hi to you from Canada.
I'm knitting your MENEHUNE COBBLESTONES and I have a problem when it comes to the last 2 lines in "TURN HEEL"... it's ok for the four rows but I don't know what the last two lines mean.
Can you help me?
Thank you and congratulations for your nice work.

adrienne said...

dear anonymous from canada;

it is hard to communicate with someone who doesn't leave an email addy or website?

basically, you are following the pattern of increasing one st on the next row. so

row 5 would be: sl 1, p11, p2tog, p1, turn.
row 6: sl 1, k12, ssk, k1 turn...
and so on until all the sts on the heel have been "used".

if you still have questions, please email me through my profile. there is an "email me" button.

Anonymous said...

Hi again Adrienne - sorry to reply here but the e-mail button doesn't work.
Thanks for the explanations and I'm anxious to go back to my knitting.
Have a nice day.